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Punjab National bank which is also known as PNB is a Indian nationalised banking which headquarters are based in the capital city of India that is New Delhi. The Punjab National Bank have more than 18 crore customers and there are over twelve thousand branches in almost all location of the country. Also Punjab National Bank have subsidy branches in some different location other than India.
It is a public sector undertaking (PSU) which has been administered or regulated by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). The Punjab National Bank works in almost all kind of finance related businesses, such as different loans (personal loan, professional loan, business loan, home loan, car loan, etc.), investing fund on different organisations, creating saving and current accounts, Fixed Deposit, Credit Card and Debit card services and lot more other services provided by the Punjab National Bank.
In this article we are going to know about steps to avail the facility of credit card.
Credit card is a type of cash advance, this means credit card is a credit through which the user purchase the product , in which bank pay for the purchase and user required to pay later. This is a kind of debt, for example you have purchased a mobile of rupees ten thousand, with the help of credit card you will make payment and after a month you are required to pay the debt to the Credit Card issuing Bank / Financial Services.
Here we will learn that what is eligibility conditions, documents required, merits and demerits of the credit card from the Punjab National Bank.

Eligibility Criteria For Obtaining Credit Card from the Punjab

National Bank :-

1) You should have nationality of Republic of India.
2) The customer minimum income should be rupees eighty thousand per annum, you must have a regular income, those have irregular income are not eligible.
3) The customer have employed as a salaried person or a self employed personal or the self employed non professional.
4) The minimum age required for credit card is 21 and maximum age limit is 65 years.

Types of credit card offering by Punjab National Bank :-

1) Travel card is issued by PNB.
2) Shopping credit card is issued by Punjab National bank. It is one of the famous credit card among the customers. Most of people use this card. 3) Lifestyle credit card
There are lot of types of credit cards offer to the custom

Documents required for avail the benefits of credit card from the Punjab National Bank :-

1) Valid address proof :- The individual must have valid Address proof ID which is authorised by a government authority such as Aadhar Card, Pan Car, Motor Vehicle Driving License, Election or voting identification card or any such document which have address proof.
2) Requirement of identity proof which includes Driving License, Aadhar card, bank statement and few others.
3) Requirement of Permanent Account Number (PAN) card for availing credit card from Punjab National Bank.
4) Passport colour size photograph is a requirement to fill the credit card availing application form.

how to apply the application form online for the credit card (for existing customers) :-

1) Existing customers should visit at

2) After that go to credit card we page of the site.
3) Fill your mobile number and customer identity of your net banking.

How to apply the application form online for the credit card (for new customers) :-

1) First necessity is to open the Punjab national bank website that is
2) Then click on ‘credit card’ section of the website.
3) Fill your all details including contact information.
4) Patiently wait till your verification get completed an official of Punjab National Bank will contact to you and give you complete guidance of the application process.
5) The customer needs to submit the KYC (Know Your Customer) document details and proof of income.
You also can visit the near by branches for apply the credit card.

The interest free period is about fifty days for the credit card debt repayment.
If you withdraw cash from ATM machine through credit card the 2.5% commission will be payable the transaction that you withdraw.

There are three type of credit card is issued by bank :-
1) Classic Card :- In Classic card the minimum income of applicant should be rupees two lakh fifty thousand per year.
2) Gold Card is a card given to a person who have minimum income of rupees three lakhs fifty thousand per year.
3) Platinum card is given to an individual who at least earn fife lakh rupees per year.

Benefits and Demerits of Credit card :-

1) You can easily take credits. By chance if you do not have money available in pocket, you can pay by credit card and you can pay later.
2) If you purchased a product by using credit card you can make payment through EMIs, The credit card EMIs are cheaper as compared to taking loans.
3) Various e commerce sites provides discounts and offers to the credit card holders.
4) You can make and improve the credit so=core if you want to borrow the loans for future.
5) A credit card tracking and maintaining expenses record, you can control your expenses by checking your record and spend according your hard earned money.

Demerits :-

1) There are hidden costs which do not directly informed by the agent or banking staff. You need to see and check / read the document carefully and understand the Banks terms and conditions.
2) If you forgot to pay your bill on time, then credit card charges a very high interest rate. Average 3% will be charged monthly and can goes up to 36% in a year.
3) Your financial habits got disturbed, you may spend more than your income due to credit card. People continuously doing this again and again can be easily trapped and result to disturbed due to financial burden.

Frequently Asked Question :-

1) What is the name of website of PNB where we can apply for credit card ?
Ans:- You should visit at to apply for the credit card.
2) What is Toll free number of Credit Card details from Punjab National Bank ?
Ans:- 1800 180 2345 is a toll free number of PNB.
3) Is Aadhar applicable to show identity proof ?
Ans :- Yes, any of the government authorised identity which includes Pan card, Aadhar Card, Voter Identification card, etc.

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