Procedure to purchase Vehicle Insurance from Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance which is officially known as BFL which stands for Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL) is a sub unit of Bajaj Finserv, which headquarters is based in city Pune of the state Maharashtra. Founded in 1987 the Bajaj Finance main aim to ensure two and three wheeler transports. It is one of the biggest insurance cover company in our country with covering wide range of vehicles includes car, bike, scooter, truck, SUVs and so on other transportation having branches in almost all union territories and states of India .

What is the necessity of Vehicle insurance cover from Bajaj

1) If your car or any other vehicle is damaged by means of fire, accident or ignition in the vehicle which cause damage to your vehicle you are covered by insurance. Also if your vehicle is harmed by protests (strikes), riots or any other related problem you are fully protected by insurance means you get whole recovery of your vehicle.
2) Individual is entitled to get accidental cover . Accident cover includes disability, full disability or death by the mean of accident.
3) There are large number of installation or garages of Bajaj Finance through you can get a proper service, it provides you with no cash, in other words cashless services.
4) Customer support a primary responsibility of a insurance company. No other company can provide you a best customer support that it case with Bajaj Allianz
5) The process is very speedy and makes you in very less trouble for claiming your insurance.

There are following conditions to avail vehicle insurance from Bajaj Finance :-

1) The primary condition is that you should be a citizen of The Republic of India.
2) The vehicle for insurance must be registered on person name who have to purchase the motor vehicle insurance.
3) Individual should have valid motor vehicle license.
4) Individual should have latest PUC that is Pollution Under Control certification.
5) You should have vehicle registration certificate (RC).

Documents Required for Vehicle Insurance from Bajaj Allianz :-

1) Individual must have valid government identity card whether it is Driving License, Voter Identification Card, Aadhar Card or any other valid proof.
2) Individual should required to bring address proof whether from passport, bank passbook, Driving license or any other official document.
3) Registration number of vehicle is required to bring by individual.
4) Individual also need to submit a copy of vehicle registration certificate (RC).
5) Passport Size Photograph (Recent) of Vehicle owner.
6) Must have to submit a copy of driving license authorised by ministry of road and transport of government of India.
7) Requirement of details of vehicle for mobile/online payment.
8) Also required to submit present policy number of motor insurance.
9) Certification of pollution check of a vehicle.
10) For query more about documents visit at official website of Bajaj Allianz that is .

Vehicle insurance is not a option that we have to choose but it is legal compulsion for individual to drive your vehicle.
Now the world is rapidly transforms by the process of digitisation, it makes easier to get insurance of vehicle which saves your time and money both and decrease your stress level.

Now something about benefits of Vehicle Insurance:-

1) The renewing procedure of insurance of vehicle is quite easy and simple.
2) Baja Allianz insurance is almost thirty to forty percentage cheap than other insurance company.
3) You can set the requirement of plans of vehicle insurance depends on your budget, capability, etc.

What to keep in mind about VEHICLE INSURANCE :-

1) If your vehicle insurance is expired, you are not supposed to go to drive.
2) You have to read all terms and conditions while purchasing a insurance for your vehicle.
3) Individual should avail discount if it is provided by Bajaj Allianz.

Merits and De – Merits of taking Vehicle Insurance from Axis Bank :-

Merits :-

1) most of people are not financially strong to recover from accidental damage, insurance policy helps to recover from you this huge burden
2) there is assurance of replacement and repairs of parts of your vehicle. Due to roads cracks and bumps sometimes individual’s vehicle have some damage. Vehicle insurance helps to fit these problems.
3) vehicle insurance is a legal binding, if you wants to drive your vehicle on road.
4) in case of accident damage to the passenger or driver, your vehicle insurance covers medical expense.
5) Bajaj Allianz have large number of garages where you can repair your damages of vehicles.
6) Vehicle insurance creates a sense of security to individual, if any damaged happens it is recovered by insurance company.
7) Risk is distributed among the subscriber of insurance holding people.
8) You can get loan in ease, bank will think that you have a good credit scores you paying insurance.

De – Merits :-

1) When individual claims the insurance, sometime it take time to accept your claims.
2) few cases also shows that there is a lack of service support for customer. Few cases saw that many time customer care service may not work.
For getting more details just visit at . You will get more details about your vehicle insurance that is two wheeler, four wheeler or any other.
This is all we discussed about the details of Bajaj Allianz Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

1) What is best bike insurance plan of Bajaj Allianz insurance company ?
Ans:- Bajaj Allianz bike insurance starts from ₹ 885/- for more details visit at or nearest Bajaj Allianz branch.
2) Kindly tell Toll Free or mobile / contact number to call to customer care for about vehicle insurance (car, bike, etc.) of Bajaj Allianz.. Ans:- The toll free number of Bajaj Allianz is 1800 209 5858
3) What documents are required for motor vehicle insurance to show our identity ?
Ans:- Any valid identification card or certificate which is authorised by government of India such as Voter / Election Identification Card by Election Commission of India (ECI), Aadhar Card by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) or any other valid ID card.

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