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BharatPe is an Indian origin finance technology company which was founded in 2018, which headquarters is based in the India’s capital city, New Delhi which enables digital payment options to the small and big business person / self employed person. BharatPe one of the founding member was Ashneer Grover who also appeared as a shark in Shark Tank season 1 show which was broadcasted on Sony TV.
The BharatPe provides the services like QR code payment system like other platforms do such as Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, QR codes ease the people to send and receive the money with almost negligible charges and saves time as well. BharatPe also provides the loan facility.
Here we give a proper details for availing the loan facility through BharatPe platforms, which includes all information such as Documents requirement, eligibility criteria, terms and condition, interest rate, surcharges, disadvantages and advantages of availing loans from BharatPe Fintech platform.
BharatPe is planning to expand its services in over twenty cities across the country.
In this blog we are here to know about steps to avail the facility of loan from BharatPe Platform.
In the following, we will learn that what is eligibility conditions, documents required, merits and demerits of the loan from the BharatPe.

Eligibility Criteria For Borrowing the Loan from the BharatPe :-

1) You should have nationality of Republic of India. Means you have Indian Nationality.
2) You are required to using the BharatPe QR application for sending and receiving transactions and also the condition you must be a business man / women
3) You have a continuously income from your enterprises that is shop or any other business. Those who have no income or irregular income they are not eligible for getting a loan from BharatPe Platform.
4) The minimum age required for borrowing loan from the BharatPe platform is 18 years.

Types of loan offered by BharatPe Platform :-

Now the customer have opportunity to avail loan through gold. In the gold loan category if you submit the loan you will get the loan and after repaying your loan you can take your gold again.
And also business loan is most famous loan of BharatPe.

Documents required for avail the benefits of loan from the BharatPe :-

1) The Proof of Address :- The loan aspiring person must have valid Address proof ID which is authorised by a government of India authority such as Aadhar Card by
UIDAI, Pan Card issued by Income Tax Department of India, Motor Vehicle Driving License issued by ministry of road and transportation, Election or voting identification card or any such document which have valid address proof.
2) The identification proof requirement which includes Driving License, Aadhar card, bank statement and few others certificates which is approved by authorised authority
3) Requirement of Permanent Account Number (PAN) card for obtaining loan through BharatPe Fintech platform.
4) There is requirement of recent colour passport size photo – graphs for loan process by BharatPe platform.

How to apply the application form online for Loan :-

There is absolutely nil means zero processing fees in BharatPe Fintech Platform and also do not have any hidden charges. BharatPe is one of the only platform which do not have any kind of processing fees, which makes loan from BharatPe app more cheaper.
The rate of interest is quite competitive if we compared to other loan giving platforms. Bharat Pay Fintech Platform provide loans to the merchants at a rate of interest ranging from just 0.39% per month or only 4.68% per year.
BharatPe lends a loan maximum up to seven lakh rupees for about fifteen months.

1) Basically, it is a necessity to be a Indian merchant / business person and you must be using BharatPe QR code.
2) Download the BharatPe application from Play Store or Apple store or visit at the official website of BharatPe
3) Fill all the information that is asked to you in Application form related to your business and other important info such as name, address, contact details and so on.
4) When you fill the all details of the application form you are required to submit all the documents whatever are demanded by BharatPe Fintech Platform.
5) After all the process is completed your loan amount will be transferred in few days by BharatPe.
These were details which is all about the filling of application form for apply loan on BharatPe.

Benefits and Demerits of Loan :-

Benefits :-

1) The rate of interest of BharatPe is comparably cheaper than the other platforms which includes both online and offline loan based practises.
2) The catch is why most people attract to get loan from BharatPe is it is very easy process for business person who are using BharatPe QR for payments will given loan easily.
3) BharatPe gives loan to without any guarantee in form of asset and no guarantee is required by BharatPe, your payment history is the main guarantee of BharatPe.
4) The credit score will be improved if you want to borrow the loans for future and pay the loans on time.
5) Applying loan is very easy process in BharatPe just you have to open the application or website and apply for the loan.

Demerits :-

1) As the loan process is quite easy for business person in BharatPe, this is the reason mostly people waste the money in unnecessary things and taking loan again and again of without any important use can increase the finance debt on individual.
2) The rate of interest can be changed from time to time. Please check current interest rate before applying for the loan.
3) Your financial habits got disturbed, you may spend more than your income due to easy accessibility of loan.. People do this on regular basis again and again can be easily trapped and result to disturbed due to financial burden.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) :-

1) What is the name of website of BharatPe where we can apply for loan ?
Ans:- You should visit at to apply for loan related information and for apply the loan.
2) What is Toll free number of loan details from BharatPe fintech platform ? Ans:- 088825 55444 is a customer care contact number of BharatPe.
3) Is PAN card applicable to show identity proof ?
Ans :- Absolutely Yes, any of the government authorised identity which includes Pan card, Aadhar Card, Voter Identification card, etc

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  1. goldNow the customer have opportunity to avail loan through gold. In the gold loan category if you submit the loan you will get the loan and after repaying your loan you can take your gold again.
    And also business loan is most famous loan of BharatPe.

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